Root Canal or Extraction?

April 22, 2018

So you’ve been told you have a tooth infection and should consider a root canal, but what are your options? Is a root canal really the best choice or should you have the tooth extracted?

- A root canal is an endodontic treatment in which infected pulp is removed from inside the tooth. After which, the area is carefully cleaned and is then filled with a rubber-like substance and sealed.

- Tooth extraction simply removes the infected tooth.

On the surface, tooth extraction may seem a simpler option, but a root canal provides many long-term benefits and is likely a better choice for your overall dental health in the long run.

Tooth Extraction Can Take a Toll

Choosing a tooth extraction over a root canal can actually lead to further health problems later on. When a tooth is removed and not replaced, surrounding teeth slowly shift towards the open space. This movement will lead to a misaligned bite and potential jaw problems over time. When teeth shift from their original positions, their oral health may become more vulnerable to other dental or gum health issues.

In fact, after a tooth has been removed, most dentists will recommend that it be replaced in order to avoid complications. Replacing teeth is done by using a dental bridge or implant. When all is said and done, the tooth extraction, a procedure that seemedsimpler and less expensive at first, pretty quickly becomes the opposite: a more drawn out, complicated, and expensive option.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

If you have a choice, keeping your original tooth is the best option—and a root canal allows you to do just that. Root canals allow your tooth to function normally. Keeping your natural tooth comes with many advantages, including:

- Your teeth maintain their natural appearance.

- You benefit from normal sensation, biting force, and efficient chewing ability.

- You protect the surrounding teeth and gums from needless harm.

Root canals get a bad rap, when in reality, they’re a great option to maintain the function of natural teeth in a healthy way. A root canal will allow you to keep your natural smile. If cared for properly, teeth treated with a root canal can last for years—even a lifetime.

Want to Learn More?

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