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Van Nuys Pediatric Dentist
Van Nuys Pediatric Dentist

Learn More About Pediatric Dentistry in Van Nuys

Van Nuys Family Dentistry offers Pediatric Dental Care 

Our Van Nuys Family Dentistry practice is pleased to have a Pediatric dentist on staff to care for the needs of our young patients A children’s dentist is specially trained to understand a child’s unique dental needs. Our in-office pediatric dentist has the knowledge, training and experience to handle complex diagnostics, surgical procedures, and preventive care to educate our families on how best to care for their child’s developing teeth. Dr. Hersel Hanasab’s Van Nuys Family Dental office welcomes families with young children from Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Panorama City, Studio City, Sherman Oaks and other Greater Los Angeles areas.

Our Dedication to Preventive Dental Care

Patient and parent education is one of the best dental procedures on the market! Our pediatric dentist and staff take pride in teaching parents about the needs of emerging baby teeth and assist parents with teaching youngsters how to care for them. Creating strong dental habits at an early age helps in the fight against decay causing bacteria and aids in maintaining a healthy oral environment as permanent teeth develop and erupt. Our children’s dentistry focus is to create an interactive practice which involves both patient and parent along with staff members.

Dental education helps to create a trusting relationship that creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere to encourage questions and conversation pertaining to oral health.  In addition to education your Van Nuys Pediatric Dentist takes measures to prevent and solve dental problems with methods that include:Van Nuys Family Dentist

- Sealants
- Fluoride
- Diet recommendations
- Early detection
- Restorations
- Dental emergencies
- Mouthguards
- Orthodontic care
- Spacers

Children’s Dentistry in Van Nuys

We encourage parents to bring their children in for a dental visit at an early age. Early detection helps to minimize complex procedures in the future and provide the best care for children with minimally invasive solutions. Children are best served going to a dentist that is specifically trained to treat kids. The staff at Hersel Hanasab, DDS is dedicated to the dental health of families of Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Panorama City, Studio City and the Greater Los Angeles area. Knowing a family’s health history helps our dentists care for patients in the best possible manner. 

Contact Van Nuys Family Dentistry for more information on children’s dentistry or schedule an appointment with our Pediatric Dentist. We look forward to building life-long dental habits for your whole family.